Your New False Gods

Stay Gorgeous you lovely People

      From the Haggis wrangling lowlands of Scotland we bring you..

                                              Your New False Gods

                                    Kevin Combe - Guitars/vocals  

                    Ross Edmond - Guitars/Vocals/Studio Voodoo

                              Owen McAlpine - Vocals/Harmonica

Playing the circuit in various disguises since Angus Young was in short trousers and Keith Richards still had all his own blood, the 3 Kings finally set foot in the studio in 2019 to record their debut album 'Everythings ...fine..'

Due to the jaw dropping popularity of the album they returned to the studio in late 2022 to record their second album together 'Squeeze Gut Alley' ,who knew jaws could drop even farther! The new album which has been a global success, is now available from their website,multiple streaming services and YouTube

Press photos

L/R- Owen McAlpine, Ross Edmond, Kev Combe